Bulk-Item/E-Waste Quote

Pro-AM Bulk-Item and E-Waste Pickup Service use a "simple" pricing structure. Our pickup service is a flat $15.00 per item (of any size) plus a single trip fee of $25.00. For example, 1 BBQ + 2 Mattresses = $45.00 (3 x 15.00) + $25.00 (Trip Fee). Note: 2nd & 3rd floors will be charged an additional $25.00

The cost of $15.00 is specifically for residential furniture items.Costs for abandoned e-waste (User Unknown ~ i.e. Item left in apartment which has 5 or more units--or trash area) are subjected additional fees of up to $0.40 per pound—per state collector/recycling bylaws.

Construction waste and equipment requiring special handling (large, heavy,
special equipment) must be priced accordingly, call for a quote at 800- 81-PROAM

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