Waste Auditing

In addition to the host of on-site services, we also offer consulting
services. Our consultants are highly experienced in navigating the
increasing complex and regulatory laden requirements present in
today's city and county governments that face today's residential
and commercial properties. We can also help with recycling
programs, new construction, hauler liaison, contract analysis
and negotiations.

PRO-AM continues to save clients money, provides a multitude of
onsite services and DOES NOT represent any CONFLICTS of
interest. Thereby PRO-AM can present an unbiased cost analysis
in considering compactor and/or waste equipment to manage
trash needs/cost.

Savings Stories

Consulting services

An RSM apartment community saved nearly $14,000.00 during its first year of utilizing PRO-AM's services. Additionally, PRO-AM helped to identiy and recoup over $40,000 in billing errors.

A South County industrial park recouped $30,000 in overbilling charges and started saving more than $1600 per month by identifying tenant and sub-contractor abuses.

A management company, requested a portfolio audit, PRO-AM found an annual savings of $227,966.00 in disposal costs, and tens of thousands of dollars in additional operating costs.

PRO-AM implemented an on-site recycling program, successfully diverting 70% of the solid waste costs and saving the owner thousands annually.
A retail center used PRO-AM services and saved nearly $15,000 annually by identifying landscaper abuses.

80% of our clients, regardless of size, receive a savings from 30-50%. If we don't save you money, we don't get paid!

Successfully saved a large multi-family management company a combined $1,421,097.11 in disposal costs and an estimated $48,086.00 in operational costs. In 2003, PRO-AM increased the savings in the portfolio an additional $ 14,073.63 annually. Today, PRO-AM continues to manage the trash flow and identify savings opportunities.

PRO-AM Saves Clients Money!