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Waste Management Services

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On-site Waste Control – Comprehensive Waste Analysis

Since 2001, Pro Am Inc has saved its waste clients over $50 million on their disposal costs. That is in large part due to our comprehensive waste analysis. Evaluating a property allows us to determine trash volume and the optimal service level needed. We’ll look at factors like a property’s trash flow, hauling services/contract, construction, demographics, equipment, and turnover ratios.

Additionally, we identify any contractor uses/abuses, audit disposal billing, franchise agreements, recycling opportunities, etc., and IDENTIFY OVER-BILLING AND/OR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS POTENTIAL.

Optimize Capacity and Minimize Cost

Maximizing bin capacity is just one of many secret weapons we utilize to save you money. A few of our strategies include managing trash flow, breaking down/diverting cardboard, eliminating air space, and evenly distributing waste to less full bins.

The result is a reduced overall bin cubic yardage that SAVES YOU MONEY and time on reporting.

It can be easy for contractor uses to go unreported, but that’s not the case with our partners. Lastly, we sweep all enclosures and recycle any cardboard.

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