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Waste Management Services

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Resident / Tenant Move-Outs – Evictions, Hoarding, Estate Clearing / Debris Removal

If you or a tenant are leaving an apartment, office, or warehouse, you can trust PRO-AM and its partners to clear out furnishings and trash completely. We’ll quickly bag, remove, and haul away all junk so property managers/owners can turn the unit.

Speed is essential when filling vacancies, which is why PRO-AM should be your only tenant move-out partner in the process.

We handle the clean-up for all of the following in Orange County, Riverside, and parts of San Bernardino Counties.

  • Resident / Tenant Move-Outs / Garages
  • Evictions / Hoarding / Estate Clearing
  • Commercial / Industrial Move-Outs
  • Storage Unit Clean-up

Why use PRO-AM for debris removal?

PRO-AM saves property owners hundreds of dollars in labor/bin fees.

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